Tenant Frequent Questions

+ Are pets allowed in the building?

Pet restrictions vary between properties. Contact the property management company to ask about the apartment you are applying for.

+ What if I'm late on my rent?

If rent is not paid on the first day of each month, it is considered late. If payment is still not received within three days, you will be served with an “N4 – Notice to End a Tenancy Early for Non-Payment of Rent”, a legal notice that may result in your eviction.

+ How can I pay my rent?

Most buildings have a secured Rent Box drop off where you can submit your cheque or money order. You can also drop off your rent to the Westhaven mailbox located at 90 Floral Parkway, Toronto, ON. If you choose to set up pre-authorized debit payments, your rent is taken from your bank account automatically on the first of every month.

+ What if I want to end my tenancy agreement early?

You are responsible for completing the full term of your lease agreement. Once your term is complete, you are required to provide 60 days of written notice to your landlord or property management that you will be vacating the unit.

+ What do I do if I need something fixed in rental unit?

Westhaven Property Management is responsible for maintaining the rental property. However, it is the tenant’s responsibility to submit maintenance request forms for required repairs.

Westhaven will not process any maintenance requests unless the proper Maintenance Request Form is submitted and signed by you.

You have the option to submit your Maintenance Request Form online, by fax or into your building's drop box. The Maintenance Request Form can be retrieved in the tenant resource section of this website.

We strive to complete all maintenance requests within your submission period, but please acknowledge that each maintenance request is put in a queue and will be addressed according to severity. Some non-routine requests may take more time to complete due to the need for sub-contractors or supplier involvement.

+ What if I have a complaint against another tenant?

Submit the Complaint Form to Westhaven Property Management. We take tenant complaints into a serious consideration. Complaints are held confidential.

The Complaint Form can be retrieved in the tenant resource section of this website. The form can be submitted online, by fax or in your building's drop box.

+ Can I paint or hang things on my walls?

Yes. Keep in mind, prior to your move-out, you will be required to bring the walls back to the original condition they were in when you moved in (including, but not limited to, changing paint, filling nail holes etc).

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