Official Guide To Renting In Toronto 

Toronto and surrounding areas are a renters market. Below is an official guide to renting in Toronto, 
answering all the questions you may have about standard renter regulations in the city. 

+ How do I apply to rent in Toronto?

Applying for a rental in Toronto should be a smooth process. Most Property Management companies will provide a Rental Application on their website. Important documents that improve the strength of your application are: credit score, landlord references, work letter or pay stubs, and government photo ID.

Property management organizations typically accept rental applications via email, fax or in person. If you meet the property management's tenant criteria, they will be in contact with you.

+ How long does the application process take?

Toronto property management companies usually take about 2-5 business days to screen your rental application. All required documentation must be submitted in order for your application to be considered.

+ What supporting documents and identification is required when applying for an apartment?

The following documents and identification are required when applying to rent an apartment or commercial space in the Toronto area:

  • Rental Application Form
  • Landlord Information Form
  • Reference Authorization Agreement
  • Proof of Income (pay stub or a letter from your current employer)
  • Two pieces of government photo identification

+ Are any utilities included in the rent?

Utility inclusion varies per building and property management company. It is best to contact the Toronto property management organization to find out.

+ Are pets allowed in Toronto rentals?

Pet restrictions vary between properties. Contact the property management company to ask about the apartment you are applying for.

+ When are rent payments due?

Toronto rental payments are usually due the first day of each month in the form of a cheque or money order.

+ What forms of rent payment do Toronto property management companies accept?

Cheque, money order, or pre-authorized debit payment.

+ How can I pay my rent in Toronto?

Always contact your landlord or property management company to inquire about how you should submit your rent. Many buildings have Rent Boxes where you can submit your cheque or money order, while other companies request that rent is submitted to their mailbox. Setting up pre-authorized debit payments means that rent is taken from your bank account automatically on the first of the month.

+ What if I'm late on paying my rent in Toronto?

If rent is not paid on the first day of each month, it is considered late. If payment is still not received within three days, you will be served with an “N4 – Notice to End a Tenancy Early for Non-Payment of Rent”, a legal notice that may result in your eviction.

+ How long are Toronto rental tenancy agreements?

A standard residential tenancy lease agreement is one year. After one year is complete, tenants have the option to sign a renewal agreement and can remain in the unit on a month-to-month basis.

+ What if I want to end my tenancy early in Toronto?

You are responsible for completing the full term of your lease agreement. Once your term is complete, you are required to provide 60 days of written notice to your landlord or property management that you will be vacating the unit.

+ Do Toronto property management companies conduct property inspections?

Yes. Toronto property management companies conduct regular and thorough inspections of the building structures, roofs, HVAC systems, electrical and plumbing, fire inspections, grounds, landscaping, parking, and more. Each rental property has a wide-ranging preventative maintenance programs in place. Property managers and trained professionals conduct monthly and annual assessments of each and every building. They will send out 24-hour entry notices, if anything does need to be inspected within the unit as per the Residential Tenancies Act.

+ Can I paint or hang things on my walls in my Toronto rental unit?

Yes. Keep in mind, prior to your move-out, you will be required to bring the walls back to the original condition they were in when you moved in (including, but not limited to, changing paint, filling nail holes etc).

+ What do I do if I need maintenance repairs in my Toronto rental unit?

Contact your property management company immediately if something in the unit is not functioning properly and needs repair. Toronto property managers are responsible for maintaining the rental property. However, it is the tenant’s responsibility to submit maintenance request forms for required repairs.

+ What if I have a complaint against another tenant?

Toronto property management companies typically have a tenant Complaint Form that you can submit to them in order to raise a concern about another tenant in your building. Complaints are held confidential.

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